Minimum Alpari PAMM account manager.

Written by Profi.

Minimum Alpari PAMM account managerAt Alpari, as in any other, there is a limitation on the minimum when you open a deposit control Account PAMM. Minimum depends on the type of account, the currency of account and from publicity.

For the type of account pamm.standard.mt4:

Privat account:

  • 100 dollars (USD);
  • 100 euro (EUR);

Public account:

  • 300 dollars (USD);
  • 300 euro (EUR);

For the type of account pamm.ecn.mt4:

  • 300 dollars (USD);
  • 300 euro (EUR);

For the type of account  and pamm.ecn.mt5:

  • 500 dollars (USD);
  • 500 euro (EUR);

Thus, minimum PAMM account Manager is $100 (100 euros), at the opening of privat account type pamm.standard.mt4. Current to date information on the minimum deposit control you can always find here.