• Welcome to the Investing in PAMM accounts!

    Welcome to the Investing in PAMM accounts!

    Invest $1 every day and become a millionaire!

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  • Community of investors and traders

    Community of investors and traders

    The largest community of investors and traders!

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    For the investor

    Special step-by-step method for investors!

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    For the trader

    Unlimited amounts for deposits,
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    For the partner

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Auto Rebate Service
Every day you will be returned by 1.3 points from each transaction (87% of funds spent on the spread and commission)
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Welcome to the Investing in PAMM accounts!

PAMMONE.com - a place where there are reasonable, investors are cautious and reliable, professional traders. We offer

We offer investors and traders to cooperate

The investor:

The trader:

  • a unique method of investing in PAMM accounts;
  • a list of highly profitable trader and reliable PAMM accounts.
  • unlimited funds on the PAMM account;
  • additional earnings in the form of rebate payments - we pay a premium in the form of 80% of the return spread (this is the biggest rebate);
  • promotion and popularization of PAMM accounts.

The mission of the site - the union of reasonable investors and professional traders for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Registration on the website is absolutely free. Sign Up now and get a competitive advantage over other investors and traders!

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Every investor wants to invest your funds with maximum percentage with the least risk. But such conditions do not exist in principle. Where there is a high percentage of profit, there is also a huge risk of losing your money. Conversely, at high reliability and security of the investment percentage of the profits, as a rule, very small and barely exceeds inflation. But there is a middle option, a reasonable compromise. This investment in the PAMM account.


Are you a trader? If your PAMM account is steadily profitable, meets all the requirements of a reliable account you are guaranteed to get a huge number of investors to your account. You must register on the website to fill out and shape the inside of the Cabinet and apply for a review of your PAMM account. If your account is validated, you, as a trader, will receive a cash flow investment.

PAMM Trading

What is the investment in the PAMM account?

PAMM - Percent Allocation Management Module. Simply put, this is a special account of the trader trading in the Forex market. Investor placing funds in such account receives a portion of the profits from trading. Usually the trader and the investor share the profits equally, but there are other proportions. Consider the example of how it works. Suppose the investor has$ 100,000 of available funds. The investor finds a PAMM account with a good yield and pays the money. After a month of trade, the trader got a profit of 10%. The profit, the trader and investor was divided equally that amounts to 5%. Total investor through the month received: 100 000$ / 100% * 5% = 5 000$ of passive income. Received 5 000$ added to the original 100 000$. Thus, after a month the investor is removed from the PAMM account 105 000$. Now it's working. But before investing money, investors need to ensure that it will not lose your money. How to do it?

For investors investment options.

To protect yourself and not lose your money the investor has only two options.

The first option. The investor needs to learn from the many PAMM accounts to choose the one that potentially will bring profits. When choosing a account, it is necessary to study a huge number of parameters. Here are some of them:

  • The broker that the trader has registered the PAMM account. You must choose a reliable broker with a good reputation.
  • The life time of the account. You need to pay attention to Mature accounts with a term of over a year of successful trading. Otherwise you can run into the Manager with insufficient experience and who just got lucky to make money. But this does not guarantee a profit in the future.
  • The profitability of the PAMM account. Do not chase profit. It is better to choose not the account with the highest profit and account with a steadily showing positive results.
  • Type of trade Manager. Trade can be aggressive, moderate and conservative. All this affects the amount of funds involved for trading and, consequently, on risks. For aggressive trading risks elevated.
  • Drawdown. This is the maximum amount of money that was involved in the trade for all time of existence of the account. The higher the rate, the greater the likelihood that the investor will not be able to recover their money back. Experienced trader, this indicator does not exceed ten percent.
  • Manager's capital. The higher the rate the better.
  • And many other options...

Investing in PAMM accounts is profitable way to generate passive income, but requires more attention, if you do it yourself.

The second option. You can not go into the science on the selection of accounts. You can simply register on the website and in your account to the list of already selected for you account. PAMM accounts with the greatest reliability and good yield.

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For managing traders special offer.

In addition, each trader we return 80% of the spread from each transaction! Moreover, without further inquiry, on a daily basis in automatic mode! The exact amount of the rebate find out in your account after registration.

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Investing in PAMM accounts

The magic of compound interest.

Have you ever been over how much profit can be obtained if every day to invest just $ 1? A little count. Let it be such initial data:

  1. Initial Deposit — $1
  2. The number of days (working) — 247
  3. The yield for 1 day — 1% (5% per week, which is normal for PAMM accounts)
  4. Additional Deposit for every day — $1

In the end, if you invest $1 for every day with a profit of 1% daily, you will have:

  • After 1 year (247 working days) — $1.079,41
  • After 2 years (494 days) will have $13.673,69
  • After 3 years — $160.753,44
  • After 4 years — $1.878.393,48
  • After 5 years — $21.937.495,01 (!)

That's not a typo! More than twenty million dollars in just 5 years! So compound interest. Now ask yourself four questions and immediately answer them:

  1. What were you doing the previous 5 years?
  2. Do you have at least 1 million dollars?
  3. How fast is "flying" these 5 years?
  4. Are you ready to invest daily 1 dollar to 5 years to more than 20 million dollars?

If the last question you answered — immediately register on the site and start your way to twenty million dollars. The next 5 years will fly by as fast as the previous one. But it will be a significant difference in the quality of your life. You will be able to provide not only themselves but also their parents. You'll be able to buy property for their children, to buy the most expensive gifts to their loved ones!

Are you ready to start investing in the PAMM account is $1?

Please note that the domain of our website pammone.com. The first four characters "pamm" is the PAMM. The next three characters "one" — one. Altogether it is "one of PAMM" or "PAMM one." That is investing in PAMM account one dollar, a secret technique, doing that in five years you will receive over twenty million dollars! Are you ready to start investing one dollar every day?

Register and start investing!


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