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Investment funds

The first category is wage workers.

An employee exchanges his skills (or his time) for conditional monetary units. It is said that he sells his labor for a certain wage. These are office workers, workers at factories and factories, military and office workers, etc. Employees are of different qualifications. Naturally, the higher the qualification, the higher the salary. But whatever the high qualifications of the employee, his salary is almost always lower than that of the next category.

The second category is self-employed specialists.

These are lawyers, lawyers, dentists, ownersof small shops and shops ... All those who own their small businesses. Their whole business is self-contained. And these specialists receive money while they are working. Should they go on vacation, as the arrival of money instantly stops. For this reason, such people for years and decades have not been on vacation and often grumble at their business. But they can not quit it, since it is the only source of funds. People of this category, in general, receive an order of magnitude more than hired workers, but not enough to consider themselves a rich person.

The third category is big business owners.

If a person from the previous category has managed to expand his small business to a size where he can afford to hire a business manager and wage workers, then that person becomes the owner of a large business. Or such a business is organized immediately, without a preliminary stage, or bought, or transferred to the inheritance. The main characteristic of the owner of a big business is the conditional independence of cash inflows from the owner’s classes. Money will be generated even when the owner goes on a long vacation. This is a completely different quality of life, sharply distinguished by increased comfort from previous categories. But the responsibility here is disproportionately higher. Bright representatives of this category can be owners of factories, retail chains, construction companies, etc.

The fourth category - investors (investment funds).

An investor is someone who invests his money in any business, business or enterprise in order to make a profit after a certain time. The investor himself does not work, his money works for him, and the capital for this must be impressive. At first glance, this is exactly what it looks like, but not everything is so simple. Before you learn how to invest profitably, you need to learn how to balance between the attractive prospects for profit and reasonable risks. Reasonable investment of funds is the most profitable occupation and is the fastest way to achieve financial independence.

And now let's discuss in the comments which category your money making method belongs to. And the employment of your relatives and friends? It is very interesting!

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