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Hosting rating

Independent people's hosting rating based on reviews. Top 20.

People rating of hosting sites for quick and reliable access to sites. Rating is based automatically on the basis of independent reviews and current data on each hosting.


A web hosting rating with independent and national

Above is a ranking of the 20 best hosting companies at the moment. This is the perfect combination of price and quality. Enjoy your health! We tried for you!

Information for beginners. Rating hosting - we will deal with some concepts.

What is hosting? Any online business on the Internet starts with a website. The site is a program code, information. So hosting is a service to provide resources for placing information on the server. And the server is constantly connected to the network, most often the Internet. Simply put, hosting is a service to provide space for your website. This is where the sites live. A kind of virtual real estate, which is leased to the owners of the sites. Companies that provide this service are called hosting providers, or hosters.

Sometimes hosting is free and sometimes hosting is paid. Free hosting is most often offered to users with traffic disabilities, it is possible to place only one site and very often on the pages of your site will be placed advertising from hosting. Paid hosting is devoid of all these troubles and provides the user with a full service of the site.

the Hosting services are of various kinds. The type of hosting depends on the amount of capacity allocated to the user. Below are the main types of hosting.

Virtual hosting is a separate folder on the hard disk of the hosting provider's computer. Due to the fact that a lot of users, and the power of one computer is limited, this type of hosting is the slowest and most limited resources compared to other types of hosting. But the cheapest.

a Virtual private server is a single computer allocated to a single user. Because of this, the performance increases dramatically and it is possible to load not only the site, but also other software on such a virtual dedicated server. For example, such VDS can be used for round-the-clock Forex trading with the help of trading robots.

Dedicated server is the most powerful, fast and productive of all hosting services. This hosting is the most expensive and is a powerful server hosting provider provided to the user for a serious project.

Hosting is necessary for everyone who plans to become or is already the owner of even the smallest site. After all, this is the place where our sites live. No webmaster can do without hosting. But when choosing a hosting company there is an obvious question about its reliability and appropriate services provided. Each site owner wants the fee for the use of hosting to be minimal, and services for access and processing of the site would be maximum. The eternal problem of finding a balance between price and quality. Our hosting rating will help you find the best offer.

Without quality hosting it is impossible to organize the normal operation of the site, which ultimately affects the quality of any business. It is very important to make the site work without interruption and be available to customers at any time.

Free hosting can also be useful, but only in the initial stages, in order to get acquainted with the work of hosting at paid rates. Usually, if the company provides hosting at zero price - the quality is appropriate. There are interruptions, reduced traffic from the site and website visitors are distracted by Intrusive advertising.

Sites are different, from single-page business card sites to huge portals and social networks. And everyone needs a place on the Internet, but with different resources. Hosting from the top 20 will be able to satisfy any requests at the lowest price.

All hosts from the rating above have all popular CMS (Content Management System) - content management systems for creating websites. Such as Joomla, Wordpress, 1C-Bitrix and other Website created on these systems, it is convenient to maintain and develop.

If you need a powerful virtual server for round-the-clock solution of some application tasks, you can also use the services of hosting from the rating. It is convenient, so you do not need to constantly keep the computer turned on. All tasks will be solved on the hosting side. You will only need to occasionally monitor the process by connecting remotely.

Thus, the hosting rating is designed to satisfy all user requests. Even the most demanding customer will be satisfied. Enjoy your health! We worked for you!

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