Finding Hope in Heath

 I started with negative thinking at age 13, absolutely sure I would gain weight like my mom. I proceeded to gain forty pounds dieting over a ten-year period, then gave up hope and decided that I'd just love and accept my body the way it was. Motherly and "approachable". Then I remembered that imagination trumps willpower every time! So I went to work with my mind, imagining my new slim, strong, radiant self, and didn't worry about dieting. Every time I looked in a mirror, I said to myself, "I look just at least a millionth of an inch thinner today. And I made sure I believed it. I lost the forty pounds, and have kept it off over 25 years! Not only that, I refuse to think "old" and people peg me for 15 – twenty years younger than I am. If I can do this, so can you!

Willpower works maybe one day, max, for most people. Imagination works as long as you use it. Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Why? Because with imagination, he was able to not only come up with brilliant answers, he was able to become a well-respected scientist and conquer worlds unknown.

How can you do this, too? Just imagine what you want to look and feel like, then inject some strong, positive emotion into it, which multiplies your success by about 5,000 percent… and yes, that's been proven. Notice how strongly emotion steers your life? When someone is afraid they will trip, they usually do. You can reverse that by using just positive emotion, replacing the fear with love, gratitude, happiness, which is really a choice. Use your imagination to make a positive difference in your health and well-being while you get on that new program.

Here's a technique you can try right now and every time you do your exercise or take your supplements: You can say out loud or think to yourself; "I feel so great about myself! I feel like I'm getting thinner/stronger/younger each and every day." Now say or think something like one of these statements and be sure to feel it in your heart, which is most important, "I feel so happy about this! I'm thrilled with my coming success. I am so grateful for the progress I am making every day." You decide what you want to be and feel and say about it… and hey, why not add "richer"? Just keepin' it real.