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Infertility – natural remedies for women and man. Safely.

Infertility – natural remedies for women and man Infertility – natural remedies for women and man

Infertility is the inability to have children. It is a common phenomenon and affects more than 10% of the worldwide population. There are some couples who are able to reach out to their doctors for help. But some don't.

On average, women take around six monthly cycles to get pregnant, but there are cases when it may take them more than a year. Earlier, doctors weren't even willing to treat couples who weren't trying for over a year. But this has changed ever since people realized that visiting a gynecologist can help with pregnancy even if no treatment is prescribed at all.

Main causes infertility.
  • Sometimes, there is no single, easily identifiable cause, but a group of factors which are working together.
  • 25% are because of non-ovulation where women fail to produce eggs.
  • Defective semen also accounts for 25% of such cases. There are multiple ways in which sperm may be defective. They may be abnormal, absent or present in small quantities.
  • 15% of the case are caused by blocked Fallopian tubes. This may be because of previous infections.
  • Other abnormalities like fibroids cause another 10%, 5% are because of medical conditions like under active thyroid.
  • The remaining 20% are couples which don't have any apparent cause for infertility.
Here are some natural remedies to help treat this problem:
  • Pine Tree Bark: The antioxidant compounds of the pine tree bark is very effective when it comes to treating and fighting damaged sperm. It can help improve the function and quality of sperm. It makes them swim faster. Make fine powders using dried bark and take five gms on a daily basis with a glass of milk before sleeping.
  • Babul Tree Gum, Flower, Fruit, and Bark: All the parts of this tree are effective when it comes to treating male or female infertility. Dry and shed all the parts of this tree equally and make a powder out of it. Take ten gms of this daily with a glass of milk or water.
  • Safed Musli: Mix 8-10 spoons of this powder with 8-10 spoons of natural sugar. Take half a teaspoon of this with water an hour before breakfast. It will help strengthen the muscles of the penis and is also great for watery and weak semen. It can also help strengthen damaged sperm or Y chromosomes.
  • Banyan Tree Milk: The sperm in men older than thirty-five show more damage as compared to younger men. This problem could be corrected with this wonderful remedy. Have one spoon of fresh milk from the banyan tree daily when you wake up or right before you go to sleep. This is very effective on damaged cells, watery semen, and male infertility in general. It treats cells and protects sperm from damage.
  • Dried Water Chestnut Powder: This powder works great in moderating the high level of sperm. Take ten gms daily before bed with water for best results.
  • Saffron Powder and Rose Water: Some women may suffer from oily or flu-like ovaries which can't hold onto the sperm for long enough and lets it slip out. Mix a couple of pinches of saffron powder with some rose water and have it twice a day to effectively and naturally, treat this problem.
  • Fennel Seeds Powder and Fenugreek: Both of these herbs are great when it comes to female infertility problems. What you need to do is create a fine powder with it containing equal amounts of fennel seeds and fenugreek and then take a cup of boiled water with half a teaspoon of the powder every day. It is best taken before you go to sleep. This will also help significantly in reducing ovarian pain and inflammation.
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