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70137020 - Instaforex

PAMM account 70137020 on the Instaforex PAMM broker platform.

PAMM Account 70137020

Trend system - medium-term manual trading system. The global trend that we can observe on the price chart of almost any instrument (here I consider the day and week periods) almost always develops in waves, i.e. directional movement is not linear, but zigzag. In other words, if there is a trend, then there will necessarily be a correction. This is the basic idea behind the system. This approach can be applied in almost any financial market and, therefore, in my trade I use practically all the tools available from a broker.

Account registered - 02/08/2018
Leverage - 1: 100
The minimum investment amount is 10 USD.
The minimum investment period is 30 days.
The penalty for early return on investment - 20.00%
Commission to the managing trader - 30.00%
Managing Trader:

Conclusion: at the time of writing the article PAMM account 70137020 Instaforex is suitable for investment. 

To maintain current account data, please leave your feedback and comment below. Your feedback is taken into account when compiling the PAMM accounts rating.

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4.5/5 from 1 ratings.
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I have not seen an account with such excellent performance. Of course, I recommend to invest!
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