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 Investment /  Alex /  14 ноября 2018 /  16 views

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In this video we talk with you about investing for newbies. You will learn how to start investing in a beginner, in what to invest in order to get the maximum profit. I am now thirty years old, and I started investing when I was eighteen. At that time I did not know anything about investments, but I read books. At that time I read several books on finance and I learned some terms. And then I suddenly realized that the sooner I start investing, the sooner I will get financial freedom. This is due to the magical properties of compound interest. Referring to the accrual of compound interest, Einstein said that this is the eighth wonder of the world. And investing in itself, but my opinion is the ninth wonder of the world.

Perhaps you know the famous investor Warren Buffet and other investment gurus. All of them offer various methods of investing. And the sooner you start investing, the sooner you will begin to gain experience in investing. When investing in the initial stages it is impossible to do everything correctly and avoid mistakes. But the sooner you start investing, the faster your period of making mistakes will pass and you will quickly get to the stage of obtaining a stable profit. That is, the sooner you start investing, the faster you will start making big money.

Style of investment depends on age. You know that the older a person is, the more conservative the investment method becomes. When you are 18 years old you are optimistic and your investments are more risky than in adulthood.

The first investment book I read at eighteen was David Chilton's "The Wealthy Barber". And the basic rule that I learned from this kigi is that you need to invest on a regular basis every month. This is achieved by averaging the price. If during the year the price of an asset changes, and you buy an asset monthly, this way you will buy an asset at an average price in a year.

But a lot of time has passed since that time, and I learned a lot more about investing. When mn was 30 years old, I bought my first real estate. Now I’m renting this property and getting good money.

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