Auto Rebate Service

Auto Rebate Service (AutoRebate)!

Automatic Forex rebate serviceWhat is the rebate? Rebate - it is extra money for each trader, for the beginner and the professional. Every day you will come back 1.3 points (87%) of funds spent on the spread and broker commission.

No depending on whether the transaction was profitable, or unprofitable, at the end of the day your account will be credited with the refund amount. And all of this automatically, without application, without acknowledgment or additional registrations.

 AutoRebate — Automatic Forex traders refund system.

To receive payments, register a new account with a forex broker at the link below. Next, download the terminal for trading on the broker's website and follow the usual steps for buying and selling the selected instrument. Refunds will automatically be returned to your account daily. The amount of rebate depends on the number of transactions. The more transactions - the greater the amount of return.

 You have the opportunity to trade in the Forex market without investing a dime of their money. Learn how to start trading Forex without attachments...


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